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Dr. Abdallah El-Sayed Allam offers comprehensive expertise in physical medicine, rheumatology, and rehabilitation, Through his guidance, you can access advanced treatments and personalized care to achieve your health and movement goals.


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Elevated Wellness Through Advanced Expertise
Regenerative Medicine Programs

Dr. Allam designs personalized plans to address nerve injuries, neuropathies, sport injuries.

Expert Rheumatology Consultations

Dr. Allam offers specialized consultations for rheumatologic concerns.

Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

State-of-the-art musculoskeletal ultrasound assessments, enabling precise visualizations.

Interventions Pioneer
The Movement and Mastery of musculoskeletal pain

"Dr. Abdallah Allam is an esteemed physiatrist and educator, specializing in physical medicine, rheumatology, and rehabilitation. With a dual role as a consultant and educator, he champions holistic patient care. His dedication to advancing healthcare is evident through personalized rehabilitation, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and impactful teaching."

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Dr Allam's Professional Services
Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr Allam Manages with medical treatment and interventions.

Median Nerve Compression

Entrapment neuropathies like the median nerve at the tunnel medical treatment and interventions.

Shoulder Pain and Stiffness

Addressing shoulder pain, stiffness through various medical approaches.

Nerve injuries

Dr Allam Manages with medical treatment and interventions.

Sports Injuries

Treats various injuries occurring during sports activities and games.

Peripheral Neuoropathy

Dr Allam Manages with medical treatment and interventions.

Osteoporosis and Herniated Disc

Treating osteoporosis and herniated discs using medical approaches and interventions.

Regenerative interventions

For nerve muscles, ligament, tendon, joint pathologies and injuries.

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